Belt tube conveyors

Tube Conveyor


Conveyor is inteded for transportation loose material in agriculture mainly.

Angle of conveyor is fluently controlable (to 30°) for possibility transport material in oblique way.
Power 160-180 tonne per hour (depend on kind of transported material).
Bottom part of conveyor enable fluently dosing of material.
Top hopper regulates direction of discharge of transported material.
Mobile construction is able to joining with traction vehicle.

Belt conveyor tube – rake


This conveyor makes it possible to transport material up to an angle of 45°.

This is an innovation, using a belt with a flexible carrier strip. The rake belt conveyor in a tube is good for conveying loose and granular non-adhesive materials. The output of the conveyor is a maximum of 70 tons / hour or 32 tons / hour at a tilt of 40°.
The conveyor drive is an electric motor with a gearbox or hydraulic drive. The conveyor can be modified to meet the needs of the food industry.

Belt conveyor tube – troughed


The conveyor is used for transporting loose and granular non-adhesive materials.

Used for warehouse operations, flatbeds, trailers, etc., for filling redlers, elevators and belt conveyors, fixed hoppers with adjustable heights, continuous regulation of the height of the material. Output 120 tons/hour.



Tubus Tubus Tubus

Tubus Tubus Tubus

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